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COVID-19 Update from Father Hudsons Care

St Joseph's - a proud history of care

St Joseph's

St Joseph’s Care Home, Coleshill, opened its doors in 2002. Specially built to provide care for older people and those living with dementia, it aims to give each resident a warm welcome that is just how home feels.

Since it opened, all staff at the home have done their utmost to provide compassionate care, centred on the needs of the individual. Whether they stay for a few days or longer, each person is made to feel welcome and part of St Joseph’s family.

Over the years, staff at the home always made sure their residents’ best interests were at the heart of all they did. It has created memory lounges, specially decorated to evoke happy memories. It has opened a conservatory, which has been the focal point of many a special occasion over the years. It has developed a package of activities and entertainment to provide the residents with fulfilling and enjoyable activities. Recently, a defibrillator was installed at the home to provide a life-saving service for residents and the local community.

Activities have included visits from singers, musicians, entertainers, and choirs. Residents regularly take part in arts and crafts activities, flower arranging, chair-based exercise, dancing, and a variety of games that are held on each wing. Intergenerational work is an important part of the home, with, with regular visits from primary and senior schools who put on entertainment, take part in activities, and learn from residents’ experiences. In recent years, the home has formed a partnership with a nearby nursery which sees regular visits and activities between children and residents. This has been a source of great enjoyment for residents and children alike. Animals also regular make regular appearances at the home, and over the years residents have enjoyed visits from llamas, lollipop ponies, birds of prey, ZooLab, therapy dogs and more. Residents have also seen baby chicks hatch at the home, with the chickens going on to live in the garden. These visits and activities have a multitude of benefits to residents mental and physical well being.

One thing that has never changed, has been the dedication and care shown to residents. During the coronavirus pandemic, this commitment and willingness to go above and beyond has shone through.

As the home had to close to visitors, staff were determined that residents would still be able to live happy and full lives. They took on numerous roles not within their usual working day. They became hairdressers, entertainers, exercise instructors, technology wizards, and much more – all to keep residents happy, healthy, stimulated and to keep them in touch with their loved ones. The staff kept spirits lifted through a range of activities provided in the private wings and by always being there for residents when their loved ones could not be.

The home installed wi-fi to help people keep in touch, to allow residents to take part in Mass livestreamed from the on-site chapel, and to watch entertainment from the comfort of their rooms. A new Covid-safe visiting pod built by our Estates team opened in December 2020, just in time to bring families together at Christmas. Throughout 2021 the home rolled out vaccinations to residents and staff and continued to uphold Covid-safe practices.

In September 2022, St Joseph’s will celebrate its 20th anniversary. There are bound to be more changes and events on the horizon, but the staff’s devotion to residents’ happiness and care will always remain at the heart of all they do.   

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