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St Catherine's celebrates


On Wednesday 27 November, people who live and work at St Catherine’s Bungalows in Coleshill celebrated their patron’s feast day with a special Mass.

Led by Fr Michael Gamble, the event was a joyous evening of music, song, prayers and togetherness. Residents and staff played instruments and joined in with popular hymns. One resident presented the offertory to Fr Michael, who then led communion and gave a blessing to all those present who wanted one.

The Mass is an opportunity to get together with each other to celebrate and reflect. Those present said prayers for the people living in each bungalow, and also prayed for friends and relatives who have died, giving thanks for their lives. They paid tribute to the care staff who work hard to ensure residents receive not only suppoort with day-to-day tasks, but support to achieve their ambitions in life.

/media/news/library/trevor-and-m.jpgAfter the service, Andy Quinn, Chief Executive of Father Hudson’s Care, thanked everyone who had come along. He mentioned a recent inspection from the Care Quality Commission, saying, “I’d like to say congratulations to all at St Catherine’s on achieving a rating of good. It is a brilliant achievement, down to the care you take every day. In our view, you are outstanding. And thank you to each of you for coming. You have made our office building holy.”

Andy thanked Bev Smith for organising the Mass, Trevor Stockton for providing the music, Fr Gamble for leading the service, and all those in attendance. The Mass was celebrated in St Philomena’s Chapel, within Father Hudson’s head office.

Inviting everyone back to the Bungalows afterwards, Andy said the Mass is a celebration that leads to further celebrations. Those present gathered together at the Bungalows to share a meal and continue the event.


Helen Anson, manager of St Catherine’s Bungalows, spoke of how the Mass is an important part of life at the Bunalows. She said, “As long as we’ve had St Catherine’s we’ve held a Mass for residents. It’s a completely inclusive way to bring people together. A lot of our residents are vocal, and if they are expressing themselves vocally during our Mass it doesn’t matter, because it’s a time for them.

/media/news/library/simon-offertory.jpg“For some staff there’s a stigma around going to church and attending Mass. Some people think it’s not for them, but this is different. It’s a celebration of our wonderful community and everyone is welcome to join us.”

As the care staff work hard each day to prepare meals and refreshments for the residents, Helen provides the catering for the party as a way of giving something back to them and as a mark of appreciation.

She says, “I feel really lucky because I’ve got a good staff team and great residents. So the focus for the night is on them. It enables us to focus on the positives, on the wonderful things people do every day.

"With the busyness of day-to-day life, you can lose focus on the great work that goes on and the things people achieve. This is a way for us to celebrate that.”


            /media/news/library/paul-smiling.jpg       /media/news/library/sharon-and-carer-smiling.jpg

Those who live at St Catherine’s Bungalows have a range of complex physical, psychological and learning disabilities. The staff support each person according to their individual needs and ambitions, empowering them to live a more independent life of their choosing. They strive to ensure that each resident has the same opportunities as everyone, and work to put the support in place to make sure that can happen.

To find out more, visit St Catherine's Bungalows page on this website.



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