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Service For the Love of Others Ė The Gift of a Book and All Its Profits

Deacon Sean book

Deacon Sean Loone of Our Lady of the Wayside in Shirley is donating profits of his latest book to support Father Hudson's Care. Here, he shares news about his book and why he has chosen to support our work.

He writes...

Service For the Love of Others – The Gift of a Book and All Its Profits

Dear Friends

My name is Deacon Sean and my parish is Our Lady of the Wayside, Shirley. From time to time I try to write books and my latest is called, ‘Servants of the Word – The Gospel of Christ and the Call to Discipleship.’ The profits from my previous two books have been donated to charity, namely ‘CAFOD’ and the ‘Father O’Mahony Memorial Trust.’ This time, however, I have decided to donate any profits made from my new book to ‘Father Hudson’s Care.’ Now let me explain and little more why I have decided to do this.

The word Deacon, which describes my office in the church, actually comes from a Greek word, ‘diakonos,’ and means servant. In fact Jesus referred to himself as such when he said, ‘But I am among you as one who serves.’ (Luke 22:27) As a result a Deacon is called to love and serve others just like Jesus did and part of this involves giving to and supporting works of charity.

When I think of the work done by ‘Father Hudson’s Care’ the one word which comes to mind for me is service because the charity exits to love and serve some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Indeed I am humbled when I think of the work done by all those who commit themselves to working with and for those most in need of care and love but who, very often, are forgotten by everyone else.

/media/news/library/deacon-sean.jpgAs a result I am dedicating my book and its profits, in the name of Christ, to everyone involved in ‘Father Hudson’s Care’ in support of and recognition for everything that you do.

The book itself is about what it means to be called by Christ to love and serve others by being a servant of God’s word. So if you are interested in what this actually means in practice then this might just be the book for you. The book is currently available from in dual format and the cost is £2.99 for the electronic version and £6.99 for the paperback.

God bless

Deacon Sean Loone
Our Lady of the Wayside

We are grateful to Deacon Sean for choosing to support us in this special way.




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