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Megan brings festive cheer

Megan and Ginny

On 27 November, we were delighted to welcome Megan Adams back to Father Hudson’s offices in Coleshill, her hands full of gifts for children. Megan has supported Father Hudson’s for 11 years by donating Christmas presents and other ‘gifts in kind’ for those in need.

Megan’s story is truly inspiring. When a massive tsunami caused devastation to countries in the Indian Ocean on Boxing Day 2004, Megan knew that she wanted to do something to help. So she gathered resources that could be sent overseas to help those whose lives had been ravaged by the event. However, there were some items that couldn’t be sent, leaving Megan with toys and toiletries that she wanted to give to a good cause.

Megan recalled Father Hudson’s from her childhood, when she had visited Father Hudson’s Homes with her mother and her auntie for a summer party. So she decided to bring the donations here, where they would be given out to children in need across the Archdiocese. And she has been coming back ever since.

This year she started out buying cuddly reindeer and got two before the shop sold out. However she noticed that her local Lloyds Pharmacy had some other toys that weren’t selling. So she told them that she was buying them for a good cause, explained that they will be given out to vulnerable children, and asked them for their best deal. Megan’s bargaining paid dividends when Lloyds kindly gave her a 20% discount.

What started out this year with those two little reindeer has resulted in a generous donation of more than 20 gifts of toys, chocolates and toiletries that will be given out to children and teenagers identified through our Family Support service, New Routes Fostering or by our community projects.

Megan enjoys helping others and hates to think of children not having anything, especially at Christmas. That’s why donating toys and presents for children is so important to Megan – knowing that she is doing something that will help benefit needy and vulnerable children. Megan told us that she brings the gifts to Father Hudson’s as she “feels confident that they’ll get to people where they will do some benefit.”

Megan has also donated gifts such as warm socks, bedding, and toiletries that will be given out to older children, teenagers, vulnerable adults and older people.

We would like to express our gratitude to Megan for her support and for helping to bring some happiness to people in need at Christmas. 

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