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Managers recognised for service in Queen's honours

Managers recognised for service in Queen's honours

Two of Father Hudson’s managers have been recognised in the New Years honours for their services to others. Dave Newall, Manager of Brushstrokes Community Project and Eddie O’Hara, Family Support Service manager, have been awarded British Empire Medals. Dave was nominated for his service to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, while Eddie received his award for services to children and families.


Dave, who described himself as humbled by the resilience of those he works with, said: “For me, that someone sees fit to recognise that service to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants is worthy of this award gives me hope that a new narrative around migration is possible, built upon acts of kindness and compassion by local people and communities.”


Eddie who has worked with children and families for over 35 years achieved his award in recognition of his efforts in setting up a local campaigning charity called ‘All Birmingham’s Children’ (ABC). ABC seeks to promote the best needs of all children living in Birmingham, not just the lucky ones, by honestly addressing the ongoing poverty which affects between 32-54 % of children living in Birmingham. Furthermore, ABC also offers numerous realistic approaches about how to significantly reduce these appalling levels of poverty.


The subject of current childhood poverty in Birmingham and how it can be significantly reduced, is set out in Eddie’s soon to be published new book: ‘Birmingham’s Children: A Tale of Two Cities’. A book which pre-publication has already received a great reception from fellow professionals, academic and those involved in working with families.


Well done to both Dave and Eddie for such an incredible achievement.



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