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COVID-19 Update from Father Hudsons Care

Join Birmingham Community Hosting's information sharing session

BIRCH flyer

Birmingham Community Hosting (BIRCH) is a network of volunteers who open their homes to destitute asylum seekers.

Since 2011, BIRCH hosts have provided more than 4,200 nights of shelter to people with nowhere else to go. BIRCH states that there are an estimated 200,000 asylum seekers in the UK surviving without state support.

“Refused asylum seekers are denied the opportunity to work, made homeless, refused healthcare and rely on hand outs to survive.

“People in this position who have no other entitlements to public funds are usually completely destitute and often homeless. On top of this, people in this position generally have no access to mainstream provision for the homeless.”

BIRCH is inviting people to an information session to find out more about becoming a host, being hosted and to offer mutual support to volunteers and their guests.

The first session takes place at Holy Trinity RC Church in Sutton Coldfield on 10th November. Future sessions will be held every one, two or three months depending on what’s agreed at the first meeting.

Those interested in attending can contact 07912 482 336 or email To find out more about BIRCH, visit

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