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COVID-19 Update from Father Hudsons Care

Identity, Equality and Community Retreat


On 22-23 October 2016 the Catholic Association for Racial Justice (CARJ) is holding a retreat and is inviting people to come along to reflect on the issues highlighted by the recent EU Referendum.

CARJ said: "The BREXIT Referendum highlighted serious divisions in our society, set against a background of continuing turmoil in the Middle East and vast numbers seeking refuge or simply a better life in Europe and the UK.

"Here at home the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing, many feel left behind, minorities continue to experience discrimination and disadvantage, and there is a recent spike in hate crime. In the face of this complex local and global challenge, we in CARJ feel it is an appropriate time for reflection and discernment. 

"The Retreat will provide an opportunity for quiet reflection, sharing, prayer and discernment around these complex issues."

The retreat is open to members of the CARJ Urban Network and other interested parties from diverse backgrounds and beliefs. It takes place at St Mary’s Centre in Handsworth. The retreat costs £75 and must be booked in advance.

For more information, visit CARJ's website or download the flyer below. 

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