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COVID-19 Update from Father Hudsons Care

Grant will help Brushstrokes adapt and develop


Vulnerable refugees and migrants living in Sandwell are set to benefit from a £20k grant from the Heart of England Community Fund.

Brushstrokes Community Project has been awarded funding from the Doing Things Differently fund. The grant will help the project adapt and enhance its support services as well as meet the increased demand for help due to Covid19.

Brushstrokes was one of the few organisations that stayed open locally, providing a food delivery service and telephone support. Throughout the pandemic, they saw a steady stream of people come to them for help, many of whom had urgent issues that couldn’t wait. So, they supported people by providing advice in the car park and, as lockdown restrictions began to ease, by seeing a small number of people inside the building.

Thanks to the funding the team can continue to adapt and enhance their work to provide crucial support in a Covid-safe way.

Over the last six months, Brushstrokes’ staff and volunteers piloted new ways of delivering support to enable them to support people throughout the crisis. They provided welfare calls to identify people who needed help, such as food deliveries, and provide help before they reached crisis. It was through these proactive calls that they reached a lady in labour who was without any support, frightened and didn’t know what to do. Their volunteers got her to hospital to give birth safely.

They also began delivering lessons and workshops remotely, such as online English classes. And they began creating ‘how to’ videos, to support people to gain independence. One client, Mr Ali, was able to make an online family life visa extension thanks to the videos. He said, “I seen your videos on YouTube, it’s very helpful.”

The grant will enable this work to develop and grow, providing vital support to vulnerable people in Brushstrokes’ community. It will enable staff and volunteers to learn new ways of delivering support, provide IT sessions, which will help people improve their digital literacy and learn to do more for themselves. They will be able to purchase IT equipment, phones, and PPE, and to install Perspex pods so people can meet and learn in safety.

Brushstrokes and its clients have been severely affected by the pandemic. The grant from the Doing Things Differently Fund will be invaluable in helping Brushstrokes to carry on providing crucial help to those who are most in need.

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