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Council grant boosts Christmas funds

Kidsgrove Xmas party 2015

The Young at Heart project in Staffordshire is delighted to have been awarded a grant through the Staffordshire Local Community Fund, supported by Councillor John Taylor.

Among other things, the money will help pay for a Christmas party, meaning the people who go to the groups will be able to celebrate the festivities with their friends. Christmas can be a lonely time for many older people and, for those without their spouses, who struggle to see family or who have difficulties getting out and about, the feeling of loneliness can become magnified thanks to advertisements and programmes showing people surrounded by large families and friends.

Young at Heart combats that sense of isolation by helping older people to enjoy a Christmas party complete with food and drinks, crackers, presents and entertainment. Santa has even been known to stop by to meet the older people and deliver their presents in person. The parties are a wonderful opportunity for older people to celebrate with their Young at Heart family.

The grant will help pay for a singer to come along and entertain partygoers, Christmas decorations and activities. It will also allow Matt Ford, Development Officer, to purchase a new PA system – a vital piece of equipment that will have a lasting legacy for the group.

Beyond Christmas, the money will help pay for the running costs of the Kidsgrove group and essential items. It will also go towards hiring a coach for a day trip for the group in March next year, allowing older people the opportunity to enjoy a trip out of their local area. Previous excursions have included the beach, National Arboretum, Liverpool and the Houses of Parliament.

Matt said, “I’m extremely grateful to Cllr John Taylor for the support he has shown the group, both when it was in its pilot phase and now to help it continue to support vulnerable and isolated older people.”

To find out more about Young at Heart, visit the Young at Heart pages on this website.

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