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COVID-19 Update from Father Hudsons Care

Children and young people to benefit from donations

Novo Nordisk deliver presents

Father Hudson's Care recently received a generous donation of toys and other gifts to be distributed to children and young people in the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

Ann Gowland, who works for glonal healthcare company Novo Nordisk, was inspired by her local church’s project to help buy and wrap toys and other gifts that could be given to children and young people. Ann and her colleagues utilised Novo Nordisks's charitable initiative to provide gifts and delivered over 100 presents that will be given out to children and young people of all ages.  Each gift was carefully wrapped and labelled with the gender and age group of the intended recipient.

As an added bonus, because they spent so much money in store they were given an extra £150 of vouchers by Toys R Us, meaning that we were able to go out and get even more presents for children across the diocese.

The gifts will be given out in December to children and young people identified by the School and Family Service, New Routes Fostering and by our community projects.  Inspired by Father Hudson’s work, Ann and her colleagues also sponsored Brushstrokes and Young at Heart. This means that refugee families and asylum seekers in Sandwell and Birmingham, and older people in Stoke and North Staffordshire, will also benefit.

Father Hudson’s Care would like to extend sincere thanks to Novo Nordisk for this generous expression of their corporate social responsibility, which will allow them to continue to help people in need.

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