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COVID-19 Update from Father Hudsons Care

Care services bring families together safely


After months of lockdown, St Joseph’s Care Home and St Catherine’s Bungalows have gradually begun to open to visits from family members. 

Strict safety measures are in place to ensure the health and safety of all, but being able to reunite with loved ones has brought great joy and hope. 

People can visit their loved ones in the gardens and fields outside St Joseph’s and St Catherine’s, where parasols and marquees provide shelter and privacy. In some cases, visits have taken place indoors, maintaining safe distancing and with PPE in place. 

Great care is being taken at all times to protect the health of residents, visitors and staff. And the situation is being continually monitored and adapted in line with current measures. Despite the face masks and protective measures, after having spent months only communicating through telephone and video calls, being able to see their family members in person means a great deal to all.

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