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COVID-19 Update from Father Hudsons Care

Archbishop Longley leads Advent service

Archbishop Bernard

On 21 December 2017, Father Hudson’s Care welcomed staff from across its projects, representatives from partner organisations, volunteers, trustees, residents, members of the clergy and other friends to its Advent service of reflection.

Held in St Philomena’s Chapel in Father Hudson’s head office, the service was led by Archbishop Bernard Longley who said it was a “great joy” for everyone to gather together.

After a welcome by Andy Quinn, Bev Smith lit the Advent candles as Archbishop Bernard led everyone in prayer. Several people read bible passages and reflections throughout the service, in-between joyful carols. Music was provided by Heather Brookes, Lucy Davis, Trevor Stockton and Helen Barley.

Mairead Shaw, co-ordinator at Tabor House, brought her young daughter along to the service. Archbishop Bernard invited Mairead to bring the toddler forward to watch as Sarah, a resident of St Vincent’s House, brought a statue of the infant Jesus to the front to complete the nativity scene. The child made everyone laugh by trying to play with the statue.

After the service, Andy Quinn thanked everyone for coming, including those present of different faiths or no faith, and those standing at the back. He thanked Bev for her hard work in organising the service and Archbishop Bernard for leading it. He also paid tribute to the musicians saying that each is an accomplished soloist and that their playing together was very special.


Finally he thanked Sarah for her help in the service, saying that Father Hudson’s Care is pleased to have her living at St Vincent’s and being a part of the organisation. He presented her with a Christmas present by way of thanks.

Archbishop Bernard closed the service by saying how delightful it was to see so many people coming together to give thanks during Advent. He noted that it was wonderful to be joined by Andy’s two predecessors, Tim Bradford and Kevin Caffrey, thanking them for coming and for continuing to support Father Hudson’s. He also thanked all present for their ongoing work, saying, “We are immensely grateful for all you do in bringing the Kingdom of Christ into everyday life.”

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