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COVID-19 Update from Father Hudsons Care

Payroll giving

Payroll Giving is one of the easiest and most effective ways to support causes you care about.

Also known as Workplace Giving or Give as You Earn, it /media/getinvolved/library/calendar2.jpgenables you to make regular donations to Father Hudson’s Care straight from your wages or pension. Your donation is calculated after your National Insurance contribution, but before Income Tax is deducted; this means part of your donation comes from money that would otherwise have gone towards taxes.

Regular donations mean that we can plan for the future to continue to support people in need.

How to sign up to Payroll Giving

To set up payroll giving, contact your employer to see if it is something they provide. If they do, they will give you a form to complete. You can choose how much your donation is and where your money goes. Next time your employer runs payroll, the deduction will come out of your wages and be paid straight to us.

If your employer doesn’t run a Payroll Giving scheme, you can talk to your Payroll or HR department to see if it’s something they can consider setting up. Alternatively, you can set up a standing order to make regular gifts.

If you move to a different employer the Payroll Giving will stop automatically. If you choose to support us again in your new job, you will need to join their scheme if they have one.

Is there an administration fee?

Yes, but only a small one, between two and four percent. Employers use a Payroll Giving Agent to run their scheme. Payroll Giving Agents need to make a small charge to cover their operating costs. Some employers pay this fee on your behalf so we receive your full donation. If your employer doesn’t pay the fee, the Payroll Giving Agent will deduct it from your donation before passing it on to us.

For more information about Payroll Giving, visit

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