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Getting the best out of your social media

Getting started

Once you’ve written your story, you’re ready to start raising sponsorship money. You’ve put a lot of work into your story so now it’s time to make the most of it by sharing it with your friends and family.

Start by setting up an online sponsorship page. We recommend JustGiving – it’s easy to set up and they will guide you through the process. We’ve also created some handy tips.

/media/getinvolved/library/megaphone.jpgSharing your fundraising on social media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great ways to share your story and your fundraising page. Most people find that sharing their stories on Facebook works best, because they are more likely to reach people who know them well and care about them. If you use other social media channels, you can test out to see which one works best for you.

We recommend asking your family and close friends to sponsor you before sharing your page on social media. This encourages other people to match their generosity.


What to post and when

  • For your first post, tell people what you’re doing and let them know you’d be really grateful for a few donations to get you off to a flying start. Put up a link to your fundraising page.
  • After that, post every few days or every week to help build momentum.
  • Tag us in on your tweets@FatherHudsons. Use our hashtags#helpingfatherhudsonscare and #FHChampion – to connect with other people
  • As you get going, keep people updated with how your training or event preparation is going – especially when you hit certain milestones.
    • “I’ve just completed my first run! My legs aren’t going to thank me tomorrow. Your support is really helping me to keep going when I feel like giving up. If anyone else if able to sponsor me I’d be really grateful. [link to your page]”.
  • /media/getinvolved/library/pc-brand-colours.jpgPost as you reach fundraising milestones and ask for help as you approach the next milestone.
    • “Thanks so much for helping me reach £150! Can you help me get to £200? [link to your fundraising page]”.
  • Thank people publicly for their donations to show that it makes a difference to you, to create positivity around your fundraising, and to keep drawing attention to what you’re doing.
    • “Many thanks to David and Siobhan for their donations – I’m now at £250! Your support really means a lot to me and will make a difference to Father Hudson’s Care.”
  • Share stories of things that happen during your training or your event preparation. Seeing the highs and lows of your hard work will take your friends along your journey with you and inspire them to support you.
  • Post photos and videos to bring your fundraising to life. These are great for sharing on social media and can be done using your phone.
  • Add our social media photo frames and banners to your posts.

/media/getinvolved/library/social-media-frame.jpgSocial media photo frames

/media/getinvolved/library/twitter-banner.jpg Twitter banner

/media/getinvolved/library/facebook-banner.jpgFacebook banner



  • The end of the month is a useful time to ask for donations as it coincides with payday. You can ask people directly if you like: “Since it’s payday, can anyone spare a pound or two to support my run?” Or you can be more subtle: “Thanks to everyone who has helped me to raise £400 so far. I’d be very grateful if you could help me get to £500 [link to your page]”.
  • Share reminders in the run up to your event.
    • “I can’t believe I’ll be cycling 100 miles this time next week. Thanks to everyone who has helped me raise £600 so far. If anyone else can help I’d be really grateful for whatever you can spare [link to your page]”.
  • Remind people why you’re doing raising money.
    • “A week today I’ll be running the Marathon for Father Hudson’s Care. Here’s a reminder of why I’m doing this [link to your page]. I would be so grateful for any support you can give”.
  • Post on the day before to remind people about what you're doing and share how you’re feeling.
    • “Tomorrow’s the big day. I’m really nervous! Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me raise £700. I’d be grateful for any last minute donations [link to your page]”.
  • After the event let everyone know what happened. As 20% of donations typically come in after an event has ended, make sure you follow up the event with an update about how you did. How are you feeling now? Did it all go as planned? Were there any hiccups? Remind people thay can still sponsor you even though you’ve completed your challenge. JustGiving pages can stay open for as long as you like after the event.

Fundraising resources:

If you would like to raise funds for Father Hudson’s Care or one of our community projects, we have lots of resources to help you:

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