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COVID-19 Update from Father Hudsons Care

Second collection 2021

Parish appeal 2021

25 September - 26 September 2021

On the weekend of 25 - 26 September, parishes will hold a second collection in aid of Father Hudson's Care. 

At the bottom of the page you can download the information you need for your parish to support this vital appeal. Please read the letter from Andy Quinn below. You can also download this as a separate document below along with a poster to display.

Thank you for supporting our work with people experiencing great need. 

Dear friends of Father Hudson’s Care

On the first Sunday in September at Mass, sitting listening to the first reading, I was yet again powerfully moved by the words of St James. However, many times I hear those words the impact never lessens.

He speaks about the temptation to treat someone who is wealthy and popular differently to the way we treat someone who is poor. And I immediately began thinking about invisibility. Sometimes when we are young, in our imagination, we wonder what it would be like to wear an invisibility cloak - to be able to hide when we wish to, on other occasions to be able to be present and listen in and see, without being noticed. It sounds like a wonderful gift when you are young.

Sadly, indeed tragically, being invisible is the lot of many people. I have heard the pain in the voices of some who say to me they feel invisible- it is as if nobody sees them, as if they’re not there.

St James, Father Hudson’s , and the wider church have a mission to see clearly and not look away, not to be dazzled by the sparkle of popularity and wealth, but to see the dignity of the person within the one who is homeless sleeping rough on the streets, within the refugee fleeing their country with absolutely nothing, within the individual who has complex needs, within the dementia, within the child who cannot be cared for by their birth parents, or is torn by parental conflict.

Over the last 18 months at Father Hudson’s we have kept our doors open- we have continued to run our 17 different services across the Archdiocese, and we have done this with less money and greater loss than before. Please, today, I ask you to take one of our simple leaflets, look at our website, and social media, and become familiar with the story of  our mission in the Diocese

We know that church communities, priests, deacons, sisters and parishioners have been struggling during the pandemic and therefore supporting a charity like Father Hudson’s may have receded as a priority. Last year the support from the Parishes and Catholic schools reduced by nearly 70%. At the same time a number of individuals and groups became more generous.

If you can support us to keep responding to the great needs in the community of the diocese please do, in church today or online through our website.

Thank you for listening

Andy Quinn,
CEO, Father Hudson’s Care


Download the poster



Download the letter from Andy Quinn



Download an infographic about our work across the Archdiocese  




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