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Marie's story


Marie has been coming to Meir Young at Heart since it started in September 2014. 

What’s Meir Young at Heart all about for you?

“It’s a place for fun and companionship. There are lots of older, lonely people living on their own around here. It’s really needed.”

“It’s accessible to everyone. It’s only a £1 a time and for that you get two cups of tea and two pieces of cake. Where can you get that for a £1 these days?  But the most important thing isn’t the tea or the cake, it’s the company. When you live on your own you’ve got to make yourself go out – no one’s going to knock on your door and get you to come out – you have to make yourself.

“It’s so warm and friendly, we do different things each week and everyone gets involved. We all make suggestions and then if we want to do it, we do. I suggested we do armchair exercise and now I’m organising that. We’re doing a beetle drive soon. It’s everyone’s group and we all have a say.

“I’m quite active but I would really miss it, if it wasn’t here.”

If you would like to attend or volunteer at a group, please call Young at Heart on 01782 269990.

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