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June's story


June lives on her own in Meir.  She has come to the group since it started in September 2014. 

“Until I started coming to the group, I didn’t realise I was lonely. But I was. It really hit home when I got back from three weeks at my son’s. I was surrounded by people coming and going, grandchildren, family, their friends. When I got home and opened the front door the silence really hit me.

“I thought if I stood here and screamed, no one would hear me. No one would come.

“Thank god for Young at Heart!”

June, tell me what Meir Young at Heart means to you

“It’s so important to me. I live on my own, I have COPD and I have quite severe mobility problems. I can’t go out on my own really, I can’t walk far so I need to know where I’m going so I know I can get back! Mobility problems really affect my ability to make friends.  I need to sit down a lot and I can’t just go out for a walk if I’m invited, as I can’t do it. So I do the same things day in, day out.”

“So I was told about Young at Heart at church and it’s great, as it’s not just church people who come. I get to meet all sorts and because it’s near my home, during the daytime with people I know, I feel safe. A lot of the activities are sitting down so I feel equal to everybody else. I think this kind of thing is really needed round here, because it brings people together.”

What’s your favourite thing about Meir Young at Heart?

“What I really, really like is the days out. I can’t go out for days because of my health and mobility problems. I can’t go on a coach trip because I’m frightened I might get dropped off somewhere, run out of energy and puff and not get back to the coach. The days are too long, I get tired easily. So Young At Heart day trips are perfect. I’m looked after by people who know me. They know I need a bit of extra care and there is someone I can call on if I feel unwell.  I can’t rely on strangers, I just can’t cope.

“With Young at Heart I’m with my friends and there are volunteers laid on specially to help. The other thing I love is eating together. I eat on my own every day except Tuesday which is my day for socialising, and it so nice to share an adventure with other people and to share a meal with my friends. I love that part!

“Before I came to Young at Heart I didn’t think I was lonely. I got on ok. I went into town got a few bits, went home, watched telly and thought I was fine. But really the TV had become my friend.  My long-time friends live all over the country and my family live away now. So when I started coming to Young at Heart I realised how much better I felt. I hadn’t really noticed before. But now it’s lovely!”

If you would like to attend or volunteer at a group, please call Young at Heart on 01782 269990.

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