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COVID-19 Update from Father Hudsons Care


Father Hudson’s provides support and care for people with dementia, learning disabilities and other complex care needs.

Father Hudson’s Care provides care and support services for older people and people with complex care needs. 

Older people and those living with various types of dementia find dignified, respectful care and support at St Joseph’s, a residential community in Coleshill, North Warwickshire. Many call St Joseph’s home, while others come for respite stays. 

People with disabilities, sensory impairments or learning difficulties find the care, understanding and support they need to live life to the fullest at St Vincent’s apartments, in the community, and in St Catherine’s Bungalows and Day Service.

/media/pages/library/brenda.jpgAlthough offered as different services, what both areas of work have in common is the approach we take to caring; recognising that each person is an individual with their own preferences, interests and personality, regardless of age or disability.

Care planning

Each person has a care plan that tells us how they want us to help them to achieve their aspirations, reflect their interests and respond to their daily living needs. Care is thoughtfully planned with the people we care for and those closest to them.  

The contribution made by a person’s family or friends to the care plan is important as it helps us better understand the person as an individual. Care plans are updated regularly to ensure that we are always supporting people in an appropriate way and in a way that they agree to.  

We also like to have a brief life story of those who use our services; this helps us to understand the important milestones they’ve reached and the events that have helped form the person they are today.

Quality assurance

Our work is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the Local Authorities on whose behalf we provide services. 


The CQC is our main regulator; it assesses whether what we do is of a good standard and where we could improve. Its key role is to enable the public to have confidence that the service people choose for themselves or for someone close to them is a good one.

Inspections take place every eighteen months to two years, or more frequently if necessary. These focus on five ‘Key Lines of Enquiry’ and they consider whether our services are Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and Well Led. A report is then published and made public via the CQC’s website, detailing the findings of the inspection.

St Joseph’s Residential Care Home, St Catherine’s Bungalows and our Domiciliary Care service were inspected in 2018. Full reports can be found on our provider page on the CQC’s website,

Your views

Our commitment to providing quality care is something we take seriously. We perform internal assessments to help us to identify ways we can improve our services. We also regularly survey service user and relatives so that the people we support can give us their views on what we are doing well and help identify what we could do better.

Coleshill, North Warwickshire

We are based in Coleshill - a friendly, medium-sized former market town with great facilities for meeting everyday needs including cafés, shops, restaurants and one or two public houses. We aim to benefit from our local community as much as possible and enjoy a warm welcome from it when we do.

Coleshill is easily accessible from the M6 and M42, and has good transport links. Yet it has excellent views of the Warwickshire countryside and offers residents a peaceful, private setting. 

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